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Automotive Industry Apprenticeships

The Automotive Industry needs to attract more young, enthusiastic people from outside the sector who can ultimately progress through the ranks to industry leading Sales People, Sales Managers, Business Managers, Service Advisor's, Service Managers, Parts Managers and Brand Managers. 

Traditionally, the customer facing side of the industry is not always an individual's first career choice, which leads to poor retention, poor calibre of people and lack of direction.  The stereotypical 'car salesman' is a thing of the past and Learning Skills Partnership understand that the modern consumer requires a 'sales person' with whom they can engage.  It is a fantastic industry with excellent rewards that deserves a structured career path.  Our solution - a structured career path for junior people with customer focus embedded into the journey.


Apprenticeship Framework:

Example - Product Genius

Our Apprenticeship Framework is a level 2 or 3, 12 to 24 month programme depending on employer requirements and comprises of the following stages:

IMI awards - Intermediate apprenticeship in customer service

IMI awards - advanced apprenticeship in customer service or advanced apprenticeship in vehicle sales

Functional Skills English and Maths up to Level 2 (if applicable).

This qualification provides a fundamental understanding of customer service with the aim of raising customer service standards with a long term strategy to progress to a vehicles sales role



  • Delivery Process

     •   We will advertise on your behalf using the National Apprenticeship Service website and other social media.

    •   Applicants will be screened & telephone interviews will be carried out to determine the strongest candidate.

    •   All short listed applicants will then be invited for an assessment.

    •   Assessments consist of activities & tests to challenge applicants, only suitable candidates will be selected.

    •   Our inductions ensure that apprentices gain an understanding of the industry.

    •   Experienced and skilled trainers will visit every 4-8 weeks to carry out assessments and training.

    •   Visits will be scheduled and planned with your apprentice.

    •   Assessors will give progression feedback, training & support throughout the programme. 

    •   The apprentice will be required to attend training days away from their workplace for up to 1 day per week.

  • Intermediate/Advanced Apprenticeship in Customer Service

    This qualification provides a fundamental understanding of customer service with the aim of raising customer service standards.

    Skills &Knowledge:
    Customer Service Foundations
    Impression and Image
    Customers Expectations
    Customer Loyalty
    Improving Customer Service

  • Intermediate/Advanced Apprenticeship in Vehicle Sales

    This qualification covers the basic techniques for todays industry.

    Skills &Knowledge:
    The key stages of the vehicle sale, including presentation, part exchange and negotiation
    Vehicle Sales Legislation
    Prospecting, initial contact and qualifying customer needs
    Vehicle Presentation


  • Intermediate/Advanced Apprenticeship in Vehicle Parts

    This qualification covers activities within the motor industry that relate to vehicle parts personnel working with a wide range of vehicles in all types of dealerships and vehicle part outlets.

    Skills &Knowledge:
    All aspects of health & safety, maintaining positive relationships and good housekeeping
    Giving customers a positive impression of yourself and your organisation
    Selecting and issuing, receiving and storing vehicle parts
    Supporting job roles in the Automotive Industry
    Identifying and reporting security risks

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