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What's Available?

An Established Qualification Framework

We tailor all our qualifications to your organisation and individuals are developed to a National Standard incorporating tutorials specifically to meet the needs of your Business and their Job Role.

We can help - whatever your specialisation

From the Automotive to Construction Industries to Education and Hospitality, our team have real commercial experience. We stand out from our crowd - talk to us today about how we can help you do the same. 

Apprenticeship & Qualification Subject Areas for Your Employees.

- Customer Service
- Business Administration
- Team Leading
- Management
- Hospitality and Catering

Your Employees as Specialists.
As your staff develop with an Apprenticeship or Training, they'll gain Technical Knowledge specific to your industry.
Growing skills, theory and understanding to a higher level within the framework. 

During their Apprenticeship an Employee will develop Core Functional Skills; - English
- Maths
Individuals will gain more confidence and as a result grow within their role.

"Businesses that offer apprenticeship programmes view them as beneficial to their long term development. Most businesses (82%) employed an apprentice to build the skills capacity within their businesses".

Source: 2011 British Chambers of Commerce Research.

Motivate. Improve.

The Apprenticeship Framework delivers benefits to you the Employer and your Employees beyond nationally recognised qualifications.

Benefits for You

  • Develop Staff to Nationally Recognised standards.
  • Improved Efficiency and Customer Service.
  • Improved Staff Retention rates.
  • Motivated workforce.
  • Demonstrates commitment to improvement to your Customers.
  • Cost Effective solution to increase staff numbers with minimal cost.
  • Opportunity to 'home grow' your team.

For your Team

  • Gives individuals confidence and improves drive to succeed.
  • Gain nationally recognised qualifications.
  • Develops ability and potential, helps prove competence in their role.
  • Demonstrates commitment to improvement for your Customers.
  • Individuals recognise level of investment, reducing staff and churn.


Apprentices need to be employed from 16 up to 40 hours. However, if they are on less than 30 hours, it needs to be in the Apprentices best interest.


Earnings for an apprentice must be at or above the apprenticeship minimum wage. With our comprehensive knowledge of hourly rates across multiple industries, our team are available for information, support & guidance.


Any apprenticeship (for any age) can receive funding. This is provided the learner does not have a degree, level four qualification or equivalent.


A-C Grade Students are what you can expect from our Apprentices. They are keen to progress theirs careers and are motivated individuals; we recruit for a wide range of businesses, from the worlds largest vehicle manufacturer to local enterprises. Call us today to find out how our services could complement your training and recruitment.